Dear Hemanya,

A big happy birthday to you, sweetheart. Even though I have never met you, little girl! I feel as if we know each other for eternity. What gift I could possibly give you for you are one of the most precious gifts of Swamiji to me. You are such a pious soul just like your mother. You’re so beautiful from within to without. 

You have so many amazing qualities and seeds of potential in you and I am confident that, provided you sincerely work hard, all those seeds of potential will grow into a beautiful garden of uniquely beautiful, and perennial flowers.

Sweetheart, this is Lord’s grace alone that you are born to such amazing parents who are walking the path of truth and compassion. Above all, Lord himself has come to you in the form of our beloved Swamiji. You must be thinking about why I am telling you something that you already know.  Think of your parents as soil for you to flourish, and we all know that you have got one of the most fertile land out there( ur momma and daddy along with bhavita), and Swamiji is like the sun, the source of all light that is the cause of everything. So, the fertile land is there and the sun’s light is all on your side.

Now, all you have to do is to water the seeds that are inherently within you, keep in mind that conscious efforts to nurture your own hidden gifts by mindfulness and practice serve as water. But I am writing this post to introduce you to the seeds of potentiality within you, you might be already aware of most of them but I thought of writing them down for you. Why u may ask?

The reason, I am penning them down is we, all like Lord Hanuman, have our own hidden and latent powers, but we become forgetful of them over time. And we all need Jambavaan who can remind me of our own powers, this post will serve as Jambavaan for you.

Quote from Shree Ramcharitmanas:

“ Having been reminded of his powers by Jambavaan, Lord Hanuman crossed the strait between India and SriLanka in one leap, despite the efforts of watery demonesses to stop him by swallowing him or shadow him”

Jai Shree Rama!

So, herewith Grace of Swamiji and Divine mother, I invoke these noble qualities, the seeds of which are already inherent in you. May these divine qualities find a permanent home in you. The talents/ qualities/ names that I have mentioned above are inspired by reading your posts, with each post, a unique gift unfolded in front of me.

Hari- Bhajani- The one who sings glories of the Lord.

Hari- Priyam – The one who is loved by Lord.

Ujjwala – The one who always looks on the bright side of life.

Sneha – The one who is affectionate towards everyone. ( as evident by all the kind comments she provides to everyone)

Dhriti- The one who has the courage to get past her fears.

Gargi – The learned woman.

Sarojini – literal meaning: Pond full of Lotus, a metaphor for a mind full of noble thoughts that are detached from the limited mind and inspired by a higher force. With this name, I also want to invoke the grace of  Shree Sarojini Chattopadhyay, who is the first female poet of India. She began writing poetry much at your age.

Kashvi – Something that appears bright, a metaphor for someone brilliant.

Shravya – The one whose words have a musical tone. I intend to mean a writing tone, your words flow in a certain rhythm creating music of its own.

Hemal – The one with good brainpower.

Vineeta – The one who is humble and modest despite having many qualities. ( as evident by all her conversations).

Sachi – The child who has been directly blessed by Lord ( had darshan of Swamiji and he took his autograph and blessed her)

Trushita – The one who has a thirst and great desire to do something.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday once again.



All Glories to Swamiji 🌼🙏🌼🙏🌼

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