Life became easier & lighter practising the forgiveness meditation which made the burden of baggage of resentment lighter. Compassion & kindness diary that records & encourages to adopt as a way of life generates happiness & satisfaction. Alertness for anger, jealousy,envy,shame & guilt gaurds from becoming vulnerable to negativity that exists in the surrounding. Positivity created by practicing gratitude for all the divine grace & the unlimited gifts of nature makes us humble & greatful. The practical lessons & stories enlightens us with your unlimited grace & kindness. Please kindly lead us from our darkness of ignorance to light of knowledge with your graceful, humourous discourses & writings for centuries .Lead kindly light ,love a little & love for long long ,as we are the beloved ones of your own. Please be with all the three kinds of people that surrounds you, because what ever is our thoughts and attitude as per our samskar ,we love you & need guidance. Please forvige us & keep telling the hard truths of life till we are capable to find our own truth. 🎂💝🌹💐🎉🙏😌