Infinite salutations my Beloved Swamiji  

Words don’t suffice (or do justice) when we talk about You and sing Your Glories. You are our Guru Maharaj. You are seated in our hearts as our Supreme Lord. 

Here’s wishing the unborn Lord “A very very Happy Birthday” from His Love OM.

To elucidate my love and respect for You, I have recorded a song for You Swamiji. With Danwat Pranams, I humbly offer You the cover of “Jai Jaikara” from the movie Baahubali 2, at Your beautiful Lotus Feet.

This song is an original from the movie Baahubali 2 and the credits are as follows :

Music: M M Keeravaani
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Singer: Kailash Kher
Label: Zee Music Company

Based on my interpretation and gratitude towards You Swamiji, here’s my translation of the song for You :

Swami, You are the Sun. So a question is raised – does the Sun ever seem separated from the sky?  No.

You are the lamp, the light and the wick. So does the lamp ever burn without the wick? No.

But, my Beloved Swami! 
A very unexpected and inconvenient thing would happen if You were to leave us and go.
All of our eyes are moist with the thought of separation from You!! How is it possible to live in this body without You? 

Because my Swami, You alone are our shore, our anchor, our whole Universe. You are all that we have! Our Sun and our Star.

I offer my repeated salutations to You Swami. Please be with us, O Lord! We are forever singing Your Glories! 

My most compassionate Lord! The part of the earth which is touched by Your Holy Lotus Feet, 
becomes the vast blue unlimited sky. How can I interpret this magic of Yours Swami?

You are The Supreme Personality. The Ultimate Protector. The strength of the weak and the Supreme Ruler of all hearts.

The one who seeks Your refuge and has Your Divine Grace, has no fear in this lifetime or beyond any other lifetimes.

Swamiji, because of You alone there is Prosperity, opulence and beauty in every particle. The branch of every tree sways in rhythmic equilibrium because of You. You are the gentle raindrop that is the Source of bliss. You are the Source. You are the pristine water from the River of no return.

You are the life-giving nectar. Our eternal elixir. 

Once again, my repeated infinite obeisance at Your beautiful Lotus Feet. Keep me by Your Holy Feet. 

Happy Birthday Guru Maharaj. Danwat Pranams.

Loads of love from Your Love OM. 

Thanks to Sanjana Om for the edits.