As my birthday was coming nearer there was some thoughts going on my mind continuously past a week.

What I was contemplating is that on every birthday of ours or our loved ones we plan so many gifts for us or for our loved ones and it’s completely fine but what we can do is that we can spend our birthday with  more mindfulness.The gift of life which we have been blessed by the universe why not use  this day to help people in need those who are less fortunate.

Generally on our birthday we wish to get gifts for us but why not turn the table around and celebrate this day to help and nurture others in anyway we can..just imagine if everyone of us adopt this  and apply it in our life this world will become more warmer,kinder and lighter…so many life’s will be touched and someone else will get to smile and there life will become little easier just because it’s was one of us birthday..Being born as a human will become little worthwile…

So if you like the idea please try and if you don’t please follow your own path.whatever gives you peace…on my birthday I donated my hair for cancer patients with the help of my brother Krishnendu Saha and I know it has reached the right place and it will be of some use..we promote so many things which are not so important for us as humans why not promote kindness the soul of humanity….may divine grace be with everyone…
                                 LOVE and LIGHT❤️😊🙏🕉️.      Happy birthday to all of us.. ❤️🕉️ 2 Happy birthday to all of us.. ❤️🕉️ 3 Happy birthday to all of us.. ❤️🕉️ 4 Happy birthday to all of us.. ❤️🕉️ 5

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