Happy Gudhi Padwa to all my os.me family today is the day which is celebrated as New Year’s Day for the people of Maharashtra and other states.

Like every year waking up early this morning, I first looked for the neem tree branches and flowers, there are many neem trees and flower shops in our colony, So there was not much trouble. After bringing the neem branches, I placed the small branches on all the vehicles of our house (Car,bike), and placing the remaining branches on main gate and also on the whole windows of the house.

After placing neem branches everywhere in the house, the house started looking very beautiful. Now it was the turn to decorate the Gudhi (Mother Goddess) in which I help my mother every year. You will find the pic of it in the feature image. Finally decoration of the Gudhi is done and we placed the Gudhi on the window so that everyone can see it from outside.

Its time for aarti now, we all started the aarti together and after that i got the fruit of my hard work in the form of prasad 😋😌. Well I have not done all this for Prasad 😁😃as today many delicious things are going to be made in our house. 

🌺Happy Gudhi Padwa🌺