As soon as we get our room in the Sahni hotel and we take the luggage in our room, our first priority is not to open the luggage or get rest but to look for Bhole uncle. Bhole uncle has a cart (rehdi) and his cart is usually placed in the lane adjoining Sahni hotel. He sells chole ki chaat, chole kulche, bhigga kulcha and chole ka paani. The passion with which he prepares the chole can put a 5 star hotel chef to shame. So, we look for him and check whether he is still selling his chole or has he left already. If we find him (and usually we do find him), then firstly we ask about his well being and he also asks about us because he is a very kind hearted person (who is in his mid 50s,i guess). Then we order chole chaat, chole kulche and chole ka paani. He prepares his chole in Malu leaves which is so hygienic and tasty. After taking the order and saying our byes to him, we get back to our hotel room and open the malu ke patte which he has so efficiently packed for us as there is no leakage in it and there is chole ki chaat present in it which has boiled chickpeas, dried moong ki daal, salt, pepper, red chilli powder and his special chole masala mixed together. The mint pureed imli ka paani takes the taste of that chole ki chaat to the next level. Along with that there are soft kulchas stuffed with the same chole ki chaat and chole’s spicy soup or chole ka paani which has strong taste of jeera, hing and other spices. We eat the chole ki chaat and kulchas to our heart’s content. Even if we overeat,then just one small cup of his chole ka paani helps in digesting the chole.