After eating Bhole ke chole and taking ample rest,we wind up our room and lock it. Then we start our journey on 11 numbri bus,i mean by our feet to Moti Bazaar. Moti Bazaar is said to be the heart of Haridwar. Some of you might think that Har Ki Pauri should be known as the heart of the city but i think that Har Ki Pauri is the Soul of Haridwar.

Sahni hotel is just 1 km from the railway station but it is very far from Moti Bazaar and Har Ki Pauri. Because of that we have to walk a lot of distance to reach Moti Bazaar . Finally when we reach Moti Bazaar,  we stop at Shiv Soda Shop to drink Nimbu Soda or Nimbu Shikanji. The owner of the shop is a very sweet middle age uncle and his soda or shikanji is the best that i have ever tasted anywhere and the style with which he pours soda from a distance in the glass after shaking it vigorously,the special soda masala that he adds in it and the sugar syrup added to it lastly makes it even more delicious. Also the generous quantity of soda or shikanji gives us the much required energy and freshness to continue our travel further in Moti Bazaar.


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