We don’t really purchase a lot of things from moti bazaar and bada bazaar as we are going to have Snan(bath) in Ganga Ji. So, after purchasing 1 or 2 containers or kenni to fill Ganga Jal, we get going. After walking for some time when Har ki Pauri’s entrance is just 1 or 2 minutes away, the road starts getting tilted and it becomes a little hard to walk after walking for such a long distance. When the Hari ki Pauri is in our sight, then their are very divine, spiritual and religious emotions emerging in our hearts which are very hard to explain or describe. The entrance of Hari Ki Pauri is very crowded  so we have to stand together in one less crowded spot. Shoes, slippers or boots are not allowed and one has to walk barefoot on Hari ki Pauri. So, one of us (usually me) collects shoes and slippers of my family and gives them to the shoes  storage space that is built at the entrance of Hari ki Pauri. A token is given to us with a number written on it and the number indicates the storage units inside the storage room where the shoes are stored. We take the token and get going to do Snan in Ganga Ji at Hari Ki Pauri.