There was a Brahmin who lived with his wife baby boy and a baby mongoose.The mongoose’s mother had died and the brahmin’s wife took the animal in and raised it like her own child.
However , as the son and mongoose started to grow older, the mother was worried as the mongoose was after all a wild animal….How safe was her son with him? These thoughts weighed on her mind, so she kept a watchful eye on the mongoose.
One day, she had to step out of the house to fetch water, she asked her husband to keep an eye on their son.The Brahmin forgot and went out to beg for alms, when the woman returned, she saw the mongoose on the doorstep his mouth was bloodied, screamimng she rushed in assuming the worst and flung her pitcher on the mongoose.
Hurrying inside she found her son playing happily on the cot, and on the floor lay a snake that had been mauled to death. The brahmin’s wife realized that the mongoose had saved her son from the snake.
She rushed out to see that the mongoose lay dead by her pitcher. Overcome with grief she started wailing that in her haste she had killed the mongoose who was like her son.
Moral: Haste Makes Waste