We all feel anger, fear, disgust and various such emotions in our minds throughout our life.

Most of us want to run as soon as we feel it. We distract ourselves with anything that helps.

Instead of running away have you tried sitting through it and applying acceptance?

When you feel anger for example have you tried to sit through it? When angry we react and lash out at another. However you might notice that if you sit through it and don’t do anything, yes you might feel some discomfort within but soon you will notice that you are able to bare it and it even feels strangely empowering. Then you can respond to the trigger if needed instead of react after the moment has passed. 🤩

I have tried this with fear as well. It was a gross mortal level fear of not being loved by another. I had so much pain around this fear that it became unbearable and I simply had no choice other than to sit and inquire and question myself. I kept sitting through the fear and kept asking “so what” for every scenario that the mind came up with and applied deep acceptance. The inquiry broke the glass ceiling of that fear and I discovered that at the top of that oppressive mountain was a garden of the most beautiful flowers! I also discovered that all these emotions are always about us and never another so there went blame (another BIG distraction) out of the window.

We can practice this in our everyday lives with the different emotions that we face even in small insignificant (for another) scenarios. Anger itself will give us more that a few practice sessions everyday 😅