Closing one of the eye of our face while keeping the other still open can be a sign of Eve teasing or harassment or an objectionable gesture ,especially when done in a public transport to an un known opposite sex co traveller or bystander ! But it can also be a Funny pass code when 2 freinds pull the leg of someone else with their witty humorous jokes! Where as it can be sarcastic when used by orrator in election ralleys and election campaigns! It can also be flirtatious if both beloveds want to send each other a green signal or Conspirational if two business partners ditch the third one! A wink can be a romantic exchange between 2 lovers who talk something naughty or Treacherous among seniors who want to ragg a hostel fresher! In west side of world its always that during a Joke people wink! In Africa though when parents want kids to move out of room and give them privacy when some guest comes the facial eye muscle is contracted where as in India Road side romeos make lewd vulgar gestures by winking eyes! Where as boly wood s Priya prakash is a sooper star in winking, we canot forget Rahul gandhi winking in Parliament after hugging modijee!A healthy wink can spurt affection, spark laughter and trigger excitement! But we must not confuse twitching of eye to winking like in yoga Guru Baba Ram dev ,it can be a birth deffect or tired eyes syndrome or result of stress ,over thinking, fatigue or some eye surggery! We may get eye winking involuntarily for some periods if we accidentally shampooed our eye lashes with our hair or itched our eyes after putting chilli flakes on our pizza or cutting 600 grm onions sooper fine for Poha! Do u know when a cat winks at us ,its as if a dog licking us or a baby kissing us to tell yes i love u! Have you ever winked or were winked at?