When you want to cry, he becomes your mother,

Gives the most reassuring hug, that no one else can ever offer.
He becomes your father, when you desire things,

Provides, guides on everything that life brings.
When you want to play, he becomes your friend,

Dare to play hide and seek? The game will never end.
When you ask for company, he comes as your companion,

Says I am here to support and make you a champion.
When you want to pamper, he becomes your child,

Running as you chase, into the woods and the wild.
He descends as your guru, when you truly seek,

Holds, molds, will not give up, even if your chances are bleak.
When you want to become nothing, he comes to show,

That in truth, you are him only, nothing else to seek, nowhere else to go.


This poem flowed after reading Vrinda Sadhviji’s post A Feast

I found this lovely image of Krisha here: www.pinterest.com/malikpreeti43/preeti-malik

No idea on copyrights.