Blog15- how Health is important
We are not conscious about our health and also not to worry to keep in healthy mode . If we would be diseased , we have to confine on our bed in home just like we are now doing in corona case ,
Now at present situation we can experience of staying home for long run , therefore it is very important to keep our machinery created by Almighty to keep healthy otherwise we have to confine ourselves  .
Why God had given five fingers because our body has made by 5 elements as you are knowing , no need to write . There are also 5 vikars ( bad things )
There are something more important above this , i.e.
kaya ( health ) – Maya ( money power ) – saya( security of parents or any other relatives ) – Gunwanti Nari ( Dedicated and faithful wife ) and obedient son .
Conclusion : “KAYA” is number one , means your health is on top , pl take care .

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