The Miracle had happened, I had come below 85 kgs, when I finished my Nandi Hills trek I had hit my weight loss goal of 10kgs, so I was 84.5 kgs that day, the most heart warming & blissful state to be in. Then the weight got stuck once again. It was almost 45 days now oscillating between 84.5 and 85.5 and time to do something different again to bring this down. 

I was very upset with my personal trainer, who is the best for me, because he has been training me for last 20+ years now. I told him my weight has increased by 2 kgs 1 week after my Nandi Hill trek and I was very disheartened and told him I am not going to come back now.  He asked me very simple questions, what is my last meal time, and what all I have post my meal, what is my first meal time etc.. and one most important thing he asked me was how was my sleep.  That time I used to get up atleast twice in my sleep cycle of 6 hours for washroom, which I shared with him. He said stop drinking water after 7.30 pm.  I was so annoyed with him. I told him I stopped eating, now only thing that keeps me going is water, how can I stop that also.  His simple response was, if your eating has come down, you don’t need to drink so much water especially after 7.30 PM, since my last meal is at 5 PM. We only need water when we eat a lot, not otherwise. As he said, I stopped water after 7.30 and Bang ON, my weight came down to 84.5 in 4 days and I had a long night sleep as well.. Amazing feeling it was to discover more about my  own body and internal circuits.

One thing I learnt in my life very clearly is that “What brought me here will not take me there”; so time to change the strategy once again. One of our brain’s function is to adopt the body’s expenditure to the resource being given. So, to start my next journey of weight loss, I need to change my strategy of what I am eating and not just how much I am exercising.

Some learnings I had gone thru while embarking my entire weight loss journey is that, we can’t fast our way to weight loss and exercise will only help maintain a healthy self; only thing that triggers weight loss is what one eats, and the quantity & time one eats… this is one of the biggest revelation of my life time for me. Lot of myths got busted in this 7 months of weight loss journey for me. 

So, I tried the GM Diet to break my own cycle of eating habits. It was a cake walk for first 4 days and the 6th day was only protein day.  High protein diet just doesn’t suit me.  I go thru extreme constipation with high protein diet, which I was aware of, but I thought by now I got healed internally so well, I might not have to struggle with it.. But I was wrong,  I went thru very bad constipation which took me 2 days to rectify and my life came back to normalcy, but hold and behold – I lost 2 kgs further during GM diet process… And today at 83 kgs, I have taken a break of 10 days from all my personal training, walking and rigorous diet regimes.. and will get back to it soon, to start my next 10+ kgs of weight loss journey with newer energy and commitment.

Now that I have broken my own paradigm, by writing my first couple posts here, I will be back soon hopefully with newer stories of my life journey.

Thanks so much to Swamiji who very lovingly and sweetly not just demanded weight loss as a commitment from me but also showed the path of how to go about executing the whole journey itself.

A zillion times gratitude for keeping me under his wings and guiding thru every step to reach this 11 kgs weight loss.

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