Heart’s Musings

A Poem About Living A Full Life



Believe in what you are.

Have faith in who you are.

Be easy a little bit.

Be brave sometimes.


Don’t be ignorant, don’t live stupid.

See things as they are!

And if you can,

Be a light—

To the world.

Most importantly

To yourself.


Think deeply 

When you should.

Be thoughtless

When you meditate.

Do your duties

With total energy.

Then rest in your being

As if dead!


Love greatly,

Don’t hold back your care.

Feel others,

Embrace your race.

Touch some hearts so deep—

Time cannot erase! 


When everything’s said and done,

Find a soft spot

And settle:

Like snowflakes on twigs.

Like leaves

On water.


And merge.

Merge like you’ll sleep

Forever, and won’t

Wake up again.

This time if you wake up,

Let Awakening happen!

Thank you.
Image Credit: istockphoto.


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