I’m a person who loves to being alone less traffic less people to be around
But like my life i have to face a heavy crowd everyday .
Mumbai is place where even you go for morning walk that too on 6 am you will jogg in traffic i remember few days back i was jogging a small kid (4-5 yrs) was riding his bicycle and asked me innocently (“bhaiya yahan itni bheed kyu h m cycle nahi chala paa raha “) . You will sit in park to be in peace you will find yourself surrounded by people and every body is chatting with eachother . very few people are here for Yoga and exercise . If you join Gym in Mumbai you will find you have to stand in queue after evey machine . If you go for shopping like in D mart you will find hundreds of people are already standing out side for their turn to enter . If you want to go for some famous restaurant on weekends you will have to stand outside for hours to get your turn for table .

when i go for office here the final stage comes ” mumbai local” no matter how well you dressed or how well you are mentally strong  you get down to your destination by abusing others 😂 . There are Large no. Of people who came 40-45mins early just to get seat in train like its the only goal in their life . And If I choose to go office by road it will take 3-4 hours to reach like in corona period i used to go office in my company’s bus . 8 hours was my traveling period in a day and 8 hrs office 6 hours of sleep 2 hrs for getting ready or breakfast etc. But let it be its Mumbai

In my previous company i used to be on tour all over india i find out even in the small cities population and traffic is so heavy and people are not aware of cleanliness which implies dirty open gutters bad smell mosquitos spitting on roads even in cities like mumbai i see Gutkarians to spit in open road with no shame ( having a mission to turn india into laal kila ) . Now a days even in small cities traffic is one way to avoid more mess vehicles are increasing rapidly no body wants to use their feet or cycle .

To take a break from this daily routine I like to go to Himachal Pradesh to spend some time in cold and peace but as we can see even a godly place like himachal is turning to a big tourist place . There is so much traffic on the way to Himachal and uttrakhand even local people of himachal who used to be once very human and humble are turning greedy and business minded . Last i visited to Himachal i saw there was so much trees are cutting off for selling purpose . No body consider humanity and enlightenment as a success but earning money is , It doesn’t matter how much harm you are doing to nature.

No wonder why educated people leave india and settled in other country.