So the other day I was strolling in the neighborhood with the thought that it is time I share my almost-enlightened self with others. It is unfair to keep this knowledge all to myself. While I was still mulling over “how to”, I ran into Jason and Amy, my neighbors.

“Manas! All well? Look deep in thought. Heard you are big in all these meditation and spiritual stuff”

“Hey guys, yes just a bit here and there. Interested to hear more?”

And just like that I got my first disciple couple. The Universe is always bringing the searchers to the searched.

As I walked home, I was already running the sequence of my almost-enlightened talk with Jay and Amy. Compassion-Empathy-Kindness or Empathy-Kindness-Compassion. How about Caring? Should that be fitted before Empathy or after? And what about Keeping Calm – is that an entrée or dessert?

Neerja looked at my almost-enlightened face and asked –

“You look very happy today”

“Yes, Jay and Amy are coming over this evening”

“Really? Why?”

“I am going to share some secrets of enlightenment with them”

Before I could finish, Neerja was on the floor. Rolling back and forth with tears streaming off her face. For a moment I thought she was in great pain. Then I realized (as only an almost-realized person would) that she was laughing. Hysterically.   

She didn’t say much, just kept repeating – “you?…you?…” and kept laughing.  

I remembered the famous lines which I would have said myself but let someone else say before me – “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. With that I kept my Father Teresa smile on my face and helped her into the chair.

She pinched my cheeks and said – “now that’s a performance I can’t miss”

So Jay and Amy had a wonderful evening with us. I could see that their eyes teared up repeatedly as I talked and they kept wiping their eyes and noses. I don’t think that had anything to do with a slightly spicy paalak-paneer.  

As they were leaving, Jay stopped and asked – “I have heard a lot about the water from Ganges and how it cures many things. Is that true?”

“It’s true. You can try it yourself. I have some consecrated Ganges water if you want”


Neerja looked puzzled – “we have it?”

I replied confidently – “we do”

After our guests had left, Neerja turned around and asked –

“Where did that Ganges water come from?”



“The kitchen tap”

“You gave them tap water?”

“Isn’t it the same water everywhere, just like God”. (another almost-enlightened discovery)

 “and how did you consecrate it?”

“I read a mantra”

“What mantra?”

“होठों पे सच्चाई रहती है, जहाँ दिल में सफ़ाई रहती है
हम उस देश के वासी हैं, जिस देश में गंगा बहती है”


Post Script: I have a feeling that this may be the last session of its kind at my home. Not accepting any more bookings, please wait for your turn.

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