” Tum humara peechha kyu nahi chhorti” ( why don’t u leave us) screamed my mother in law on phone from the other side to me! 

My husband a 6ft 2 inches strong built man of 29 had called her crying to complain about how insensitive and foolish i was to ask for 200 rs music( choo choo ) shoe for our 10 months old baby girl who had just started walking.

I was married in a family 50 times financialy secure than my parental house but the money was in bricks ( an inherited bunglow), i couldn’t sell each brick a day and get money for daily needs.

Having a baby who was 3 months on our first anniversary added to the trouble of reducing 2 incomes to 1 and from 2 adults to 3 the third needing regular expensive vaccination and paediatric visits.

Myself enjoying the life style of choicest frocks and belleies as a little girl,there were some basic desires i too had for my daughter which my own mom fulfilled to quiet an extent from baby bag to stroller to little nappies and Jhablaas( babies tops).

Still seeing an add of a sale at Big Joe’s South extension Delhi made me greedy to pick the voice making little shoe for my little fairy.

My husband,a young lawyer working as an apprentice by then earned too meager to manage grocery, electricity bills, water bills, petrol ,house upkeep and medical expenses.

I was foolish to ask for those 200 rs shoe which made him scream and create a very aggressive and toxic environment in house.

I never moved out of marriage May be was too coward or too calculative.

This was the best arrangement my daughter and i could be in for our physical and material security. We were just to deal with 4 beings not the whole insecure world.

Yesterday my daughter got shoe worth 6000 rs from her dad aswell promised a pair almost 3 times this too.

Quiet a centimental moment for me.Life takes a circle. Does patience or persistence pay? 

Never knew whom to share these feelings with so thought my os.me family will understand.