Indra Nooyi  – billions of people know her through her role at PepsiCo as a CEO. She has changed many lives through her leadership, wit, innovative ideas and determination. I recently read her biopic “My Life in Full: Work, Family, and Our Future”. 

You will relate to Indra’s life, if you are a South East Asian first generation immigrant, woman or a minority. There are nuggets of wisdom explicit and many a times hidden throughout the book. Book is easy to read and highlights her extraordinary inspirational life. What you get out of reading this book is up to you. 

I am sharing this relatable biopic as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, ex-corporate employee, and every single relationship an Indian woman is expected to maintain regardless of work titles and be grounded! It is an uplifting tale of her life. It was interesting to see how her upbringing in India has been pivotal to instill values that she carried through her professional career.

She mentions in the book how hard work and dedication pays off along with having discipline and solid work ethic. The book highlights more about her success and hints at some of her struggles along the way. She highlights the guilt working women face for not being able to spend enough time with children and spouse at home. She highly speaks of her in-laws, parents, and relatives for encouraging her to work and supporting her with raising children. 

It was also notable to see how Indra stood to her grounds when facing adverse situations during her career. The most inspirational part of it was “performance with purpose” initiative which took PepsiCo in different direction. 

Indra also talks about why one should invest time to mentor women in corporate settings. Unquestionably women have grit, management skills, and passion to do something better for the world. It is important to help them navigate the business world effectively that has been dominated by men. 

I would certainly say that all daughters and sons should read this inspirational book along with their parents. Enjoy!

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