Suddenly I realised YOU never left me
YOU are watching me from far
As Earth is watched by the Sun Star
He will give her whatever she needs
Sometimes a cool breeze and different seasons indeed
YOU are my world
YOU are my sword
Who keeps on protecting me, YOU are my shield
Only YOUR name resides on these lips
Even in Pain or Pleasure, YOUR name just peeps
YOUR existence has completely soaked in mine
In everything and everywhere YOU are my Divine
Whole life went in search of finding the meaning of Love
Till the time, YOU entered in my dreams
And my eyes started sparkling with a gleam
Everywhere YOU started residing
And I started being in love without deciding
Oh Master! sometimes I may sway, sometimes may go haywire
That time forgive me and bring me back in your shire
This mind has a bad habit of wandering here and there
Only YOU know how to get it together
I have left myself completely on YOU
Make it or Break it, solely it’s on YOU
If YOU find me worth, then only let YOUR pious name reside in this impure heart
Else leave me in this worldly dearth
Just bless me that someday YOU will come
Till that time, even after going through this constant birth and death cycle, That “Wait”, I will become
For that one moment, for that one glance of YOURS, I am ready to go through this wait of lifetimes
Just promise me that, YOU will come sometime
Hey Guru,let only YOUR search become the goal this life
Don’t ever leave me, I am so naive
I am YOUR Child, I am YOUR Lover
Every relation is with YOU alone, and let
that remain forever