Hey Guys!

I saw a post I didn’t agree with.
I didn’t get offended, and I didn’t comment.
But I felt the need to change their mind..!

Do you think that you are unstable and less confident? Even with your attainments, do you have a doubt about yourself? Do you feel boring, stupid, or guilty? How to know what we are insecure about? This is my first self-help blog and I thought I should share this with everyone.

Here, I’m going to tell you a short story about my insecurity. When I decided to pursue law, I was told that I’m not wise enough to practice and that it is very hard to stand in the court. I might end up doing nothing in the future. I was weakened by these advices and agreed to think about it again. Fortunately, I stuck to my decision and successfully pursued caw. But, it was not easy to reach the goal with the insecurity of failure… The insecurity of failure wasn’t about failing in exams but of a successful career. What if I don’t get an internship opportunity at a well-known law firm? What if I fail to meet the expectations of my seniors as well as clients? What if I lose the cases despite all efforts? And many more thoughts came to mind every time when someone gave me examples of struggles and hurdles faced by well-known lawyers.

As a result, I had a low opinion of myself. At that time, I didn’t know that the problem was not of failure or rejection. The main issue was my implication of experiencing disappointment by me. This fear of failure can be so strong that it can decay the motivation to succeed. It’s a part of human nature. It keeps you from trying, creating self-doubts and blocking your progress. Fear of failure can hold you back from taking actions, causing you to lose valuable opportunities.

Then, I needed to know that I’m not an actor in the story of my life written by an author, I’m the narrator of my own story. This was about cause of my insecurity. Stay tuned to know how I overcame this in the second part of this blog…!!

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