Are you “there” … yet?

Or are you having trouble getting “there”? We all work hard to get “there”. We wonder if we’ll get “there” someday? Do you think you’ll get “there” in this life, despite doing your very best?

These questions are pretty common, no doubt. The amount of times in the past that I have said to myself: “I hope to get “there”. And if we add the number of times that I have heard people say “I am getting there”, I couldn’t count these figures on my fingers and toes. I swear I have normal hands and feet. So, that’s a total of ten, right? Or is it twenty? Well, let’s assume that no alien is reading this post!;) 

But in all honesty, how many of us have actually paused to ask ourselves, what the hell is “there”? Where is that “there”? How will you know if you’re “there”?

However, if we just stopped to think about the pre-conceived ideas we have made up about that “there”, we would realise something extremely profound.

I am so sorry to break it to you, but there is no “there”. There. I said it! 

Pause. Just stop. Right now. Instead of focussing on some illusory goal, which we imagine constantly, just breathe deeply and pause. We are so pre-occupied in getting “there”, but are we even here?! How many times have we stopped and laughed, enjoyed this very moment. There is no other place than here.

That “there” which we are racing towards will be no different than the “here” now! When you will be “there”, you will only be here. Please re-read this. When you are “there”, you will be here.

You can never be anywhere but here. If you want to be at peace? Well there you are! Right now. You want to be happy? Well, there you are! Right now. Because in this little moment of being here, this one second, you are both there and here. And there is nowhere else to be!

I stopped running to get “there”, when I realised that I am “there”. Because “there” and “here” are one. If we cannot feel fulfilled in this very moment, if we cannot have fun and dance, and sing and make others smile right now, a far-fetched distant “there” will never exist. 

So, are you “there” yet? I am. It’s here! And here’s the beauty of it:

There’s nowhere to go. There’s no journey.

 Take a deep breath and realise that we are already there. 

I am here, I am “there”, I am everywhere. Are you?;) If not, you can get “there” NOW!  Now is the only “there” there is. There you go! I mean stay here! Hang in there!!! 

There’s a lot of “there”, here! But are you here, or are you “there”?! Where?

Wherever that is, let’s take it easy…

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