Hello everyone.  My name is Ishanvi  Mahapatra. I am fondly called Geet by my loved ones.

I am new to this website  but i know about it.

I have seen swami ji and i like him. My mummy loves him a lot. 

He is very cute and once touched my cheek too.

I also know Meera aunty and Hemanya didi. They both love me.

I can’t type much as mummy scolds me for screen time. 

But i will share my favorite things with you all someday.

I love to paint and sing.

I know swami ji is mummy’s guru and my guru is bhole baba. 

Om namah shivay

Bye bye 

I am unable to complete 150 words. What should i write more.

I want to tell mummy didn’t pay for my account here so i won’t be able to reply you all. But i know you all are kind people.

Oh i forgot to tell. I love nature.  I love to plant seeds in my garden. And my garden has so many trees , shrubs and herbs. I learnt these words in my KYS class recently. Also my papa plays with me everyday. 




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