Every religion is a way of life,

every religion professes to be the truth,

in the market of truth 

what is gold, and what is paint

as all that glitters is not gold

so with philosophy 

in many truths 

there is only ‘The Truth.’

Unknown No-one


In the world, the only thing that is more convoluted than the fact that humans are the only species that make rules for themselves is the ones who break these rules themselves because nearly everyone says their religion is the true religion. Even atheists are also not immune to this. They say that their way of life is the most genuine way of life.

In the absence of proof, a majority would agree with an atheist. After all, what can you trust in the world if you cannot trust your five senses? Today’s popular notion is that I am my body and I am my mind as propagated by the Western culture inverse is the case in the Eastern philosophy where the tenet is I am neither my body nor I am mind, I am Shivoham that is truth, consciousness and bliss.

But atheists ask for empirical proof from the theists, which the latter cannot provide, and in the absence of the evidence, atheists seem to win the argument. I also tried to understand this, but it took me ten years to finally understand a logical argument that can tell us whether Western culture has propagated and what the Eastern culture has propagated. In the hearts of the heart, the question what is spirituality?

So let us start with the premise that according to western culture, the body gave up the ghost at the time of death, or instead, the body gave up the soul.

Contrary to that, Eastern philosophy says that ghosts gave up the body; that is to say, the soul gave up the body.

Premise 1- Body gave the soul.

Premise 2- Soul gave up the body.

As you would notice in premise 1, the subject body and the predicate soul change their places in premise 2.

This interchange of the subject and predicate is called Converse in logic. Now, the converse is not necessarily always true. That is to say, some of the time, it is accurate, and some of the time, it is not valid.


Ishu is James, James is Ishu.

Now James and Ishu refer to two different people. In this case, the converse is not valid. However, if you interpret these two statements as saying that James and Ishu are humans, it is true in philosophical terms.

Hinduism has been saying for centuries that the ultimate identity of any human or of this entire universe is that everything is just pure consciousness.

In Hinduism, there are two concepts of jiva atman and para atman.

Jiva atman means the individual consciousness or the individual soul, and para atman refers to the cosmic consciousness or cosmic soul.

When jiva atman realizes that it is the part of the para atman, that is called the realization of the true self or enlightenment. The moment you realize this, the game is over. This game of self-realization is the what is the purpose of human life and nothing else.