महर्षीणां भृगुरहं गिरामस्म्येकमक्षरम् |
यज्ञानां जपयज्ञोऽस्मि स्थावराणां हिमालय: || 25||

I am Bhrigu amongst the great seers and the transcendental OM amongst sounds. Amongst chants know me to be the Holy Name; amongst immovable things I Am the Himalayas.

The Bhagawad Gita- ch10v25


September 2017, while reading the National bestseller, “The Kundalini”,

Little did I know that I was reading my Future.

Little did I know that HE had arrived.

Little did I know that my life would change forever.

My Journey with my Guru started the moment I was born. While growing up, I would visit the Ganesha temple daily for my prayers. I would play games of temple making, plucking fresh flowers for puja, with my friends. Many saints would come for Bhiksha and I would happily give away my share of food. This is part of our religion, our tradition and our culture. Coming from a Jain terapanthi family, I was well aware of my spiritual duties from the very beginning.

I would pray for hours at the temple, churches, gurudvaras. We shared the common wall with a mosque, and I would observe their prayers for hours. Spiritual places always fascinated me.

Praying and chanting was part of my daily routine. My elders would say that I must chant the guru’s name… I did everything they asked, but this.. This is something I could never do.. my heart could never accept anyone else as my guru until NOW.

I have done various courses from Isha, Art of Living, Preksha meditation centre, Pranic healing, Reiki etc.  and Sivananda yoga centre. I have met countless Sadhus, but I could call no one my Guru. This realisation has been there since childhood.

Why I love SwamiG so much is beyond my understanding. I have been graced with His time for 5 minutes at a personal meeting(2 meetings lasting for 2.5 min each), 3 camps, 3- 4 discourses in the ashram and Jaipur Book festival. And the most precious one was when I was reborn as “Jayshree OM” (after my initiation). With only these many meeting the entire world is on one side and HIM the other. It has become a perfect balancing act.

It’s a bond which is growing stronger day by day. A Divine pull, as if I am being pulled by a strong Magnetic Force. It’s like a quantum theory, very slow and subtle.

Why can’t the entire world feel this??

That is why I Feel that I have known HIM in my past lives. How on earth then would I not consider anyone else as my Guru during my childhood and teenage, 20s and 30s. What happened suddenly after I read His Book that He became “One and only One” for me.

Without HIS GRACE, nothing moves in my life.. It’s HIM. He shows the way. He just plants the thoughts. This bond is free from all transactions. Unconditional Love…Guru stays with us through life and after.

My life took a sharp turn post sept. 2017 and here I am presenting my second book to the world. This book happened like a breeze, effortless. It was HIM writing the text. I am neither intelligent nor smart to translate the shastras. How dare can I?!! So please do not think of it as my work. I am just a mediator. Attaching my dedication from the book as it is.

ध्यानमूलं गुरुर्मूर्तिःपूजामूलं गुरुर्पदम् ।
मन्त्रमूलं गुरुर्वाक्यं मोक्षमूलं गुरूर्कृपा ॥

dhyānamūlaṃ gururmūrtiḥ pūjāmūlaṃ gururpadam ।

mantramūlaṃ gururvākyaṃ mokṣamūlaṃ gurūrkṛpā ॥

 The Root of Meditation is the Form of the Guru,
The Root of Worship is the Feet of the Guru,
The Root of Mantra is the Word of the Guru,
The Root of Liberation is the Grace of the Guru.

-Skanda Puran


On 30th May 2019, we were awarded a 3 minutes personal meeting with our Guru, OmSwamiji – undoubtedly one of the most treasured experiences of our lives! We went with very anxious minds and handed over the first copy of the translated version of the ‘Vishwakarmaprakash’ to be blessed by His Grace. The moment He held the script is a memory that will forever be etched in our minds. I knew that our years of hard work and dedication were not in vain, a positive feeling that we would scale new heights! And scale new heights we did with our book being the Amazon bestseller for August and September 2020.

And then, as we handed over the non-translated version of Manushyalaya Chandrika to Him, one could see the radiance exuding from His eyes. As if by some divine intervention, there was an unseen and unheard euphoria that set in and the energy in the room changed magnificently. The cascading effect of this intimate and emotional moment was as if Ma Gayatri herself was talking to us through His lotus-shaped lips. Our version of the translated Manushyalaya Chandrika is our gift to the world, which is also a way of capturing this wonderful experience in our hearts and minds forever.

I took a Sankalpa (vow) to translate it within 2 months, and I was able to accomplish it. But of course, editing, formatting, and other processes took us another couple of months to bring this version out.

His Grace flows Unconditionally.

We dedicate this book to our Guru OmSwamiG

The book is available on Kindle as of now. We are trying with various publishers for paperback.. Mostly they offer the authors just 10% of the MRP. That is INR 30/- per book after one year of the total sale. So, now we are looking for someone who can give us a little more.. I wonder why authors are paid so less. Well, I write for my Hari, for my Guru. The results or sales never influence me…

Sharing the link of my Second Book.

“The Ancient Science of Vastu” Part 2

Cover Page

It is a scripture based on the ancient architecture of palaces, temples and homes.

I have used the Sketch done during the lockdown as my Feature image for this blog. In my childhood days I used to sketch mountains, sun and a coconut tree till the cows came home.

“Dear SwamiG,

I know you wanted to learn the art of drawing, it’s ok, your devotee knows a bit of sketching, I learnt it on your behalf without a drawing teacher.”


ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः।
सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु।
मा कश्चित् दुःख भाग्भवेत्॥
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः॥


Ref: Gita shloka from Swami Mukundanada’s site

World Peace prayer