Hold it together, and let it go.

That’s where the treasure lies….

Somewhere in between you see the glow,

Somewhere just past the letting go.

Hold it together, and let it go.

Let it mean nothing at all.

Give away a part of you if you must,

Hold it together, and let it go.

If it can’t light up your life,

If it doesn’t spread no warmth,

If it holds no fairy dust……Let it go.

As we accept it, we grow.

Hold it together, and let it go.

Let the devil sway, you look away!

Let the nets not lure you to stay.

For you are free, if you want to be.

Hold it together……and let it go!

What does it serve, to hold it close?

to carry that burden, to sweat and groan,

Would you pick on that wound or let it heal?

Would you hold the burning embers or chuck them away?

Hold it together……and it let go!

Get ready to spread those wings,

to smell the coming spring!

Tell them to reign you in or pull you down,

cause, you will, suddenly feel so elated,

when you hold it together…and LET IT GO!

from the universe, channeled through -Jasmin Om Brar (notes to self)

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