In this life from place to place
I searched for a home
decor-ed to my taste
carpeted to comfort
a garden to call my own
trees who knew my name
a house filled with love…

Everywhere I went
homes were in shambles
faces like unkempt windows
slowly rusted away
So from shrine to shrine I leapt
weeping like a child
begging for a new home

A long time passed
before I arrived at your gate
a lifetime of flitting
now I stay by your feet
many mornings I marvel
how tall you stand
a home to my homelessness

Your quiet smiling glance
as you gleam like a dark moon
an anchor to the shipwrecked
a holy vision to behold
O Lord of tranquility
the ever elusive peace
you’ve placed within my reach

I’ve no words to thank you
except to say
You are my wealth
I can never lose you
You are to me
a beautiful home
silent and tall