As the Bhukkar family fleeing away our next appointment with a family having 2 sons ,1 my age doing his m.b.a and the marriage candidate 4 years elder to me serving in B.S.F ,his stats matched mine as 6 inches taller than 5.8inches , same cast , no non veg eating habbit ,non alchoholic ,non smoker ,father a retired government officers settled in Delhi with own house and mother as mentioned in most bio datas ,religious and pious lady! Will make good freinds with his brother like lakshman and Seeta and being in B s f ( border security force) ,life would be exciting, he telling me his stories of valour each day! ,thought i, So on a fixed Friday we met at lobby of Bapu ka hotel( Hotel Ashok) ,i think the rest room staff attendant ladies too started recognizing me to come each weekend and stare myself in full mirrors combing and applying lip gloss ,any ways after a customary smiling and greeting session ,Mr soldier and i were sent to know each other better in piano area! There as we sat across the sofas ,he looked in my eyes and said ,don’t stare with your big brown watery eyes ,or i ll hold your hand ,i found him quite romantic and sweet though ,but before i could ask anything he said ,there are few things i want to confess…I drink ,i smoke and i have non veg ,my father doesn’t know though for he wont approve it and feel dejected ,as well our delhi house is just 1 room set and u ll have to be with my parents if we get married as most B.s.f stations are non family! The calculated arranged marriage conditions never met this criteria, so i dint waste my energies with him ,but i did appreciate his Honesty and purity! Mr soldier and i walked back to our parents and before we could approach for tea at cofee shop ,i declared, i have an unexpected emergency office meeting of monthly closing to attend and went from the hotel, i made an eye moment to my dad ,doesnt work ,;before leaving! I dont know how my parents handled saying no to Soldier family may be saying, she is ambitious to work and borders have no work opportunity! For more matrimonial meetings keep tuned in!

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