This particular episode is inspired by THE NEW EEYORE.

          This episode opens in an ongoing party.Where Tigger and others are enjoying the party meanwhile Eeyore enters the scene and thought that parties are for famous animal like Tigger and was leaving. Tigger noticed him and said “being famous is easy and you just need to be like me” and request him to say hello to all members of party he did so without much enthusiasm and then left the party.

               Next day we see Eeyore practising to say hello more nicely meanwhile Tigger comes and say him to be popular he have to do more than just saying hello he needs to smile. He tickles Eeyore and he smiles. Pooh passing nearby notice him and says he look very happy today. To which Tigger say “look you are being loved by people already. “Being popular is easy I just need to be me” and bounces back to the woods.

           Eeyore then repeats I just gotta be like Tigger.Then he paints himself like Tigger and bounces everywhere just like Tigger.He meets all his friends and then meet Tigger. Tigger asks” why are you bouncing ” to which he replies” just trying to be more popular.” Tigger says him he needs more speed and grace and bounces back into the forest. He tries to bounce with more speed and grace.He bounces to meet all his friends but got them in some kind of trouble. Next day he again visits to all his friends and asks if they wanna play with him. But everyone declines as he got everyone in trouble.

                 Winnie the Pooh and all others goes to find Eeyore at the evening to “Untiggerise” him. Piglet finds Eeyore and runs to inform everyone. Everyone was surprised to see Eeyore without the Tigger prints in his body and asks what happened. 

Eeyore replied: ” Just got lonely being so popular.Thought the boring old me was better than to be something I hate.Hope you are not too disappointed.”

Piglet runs to him and say: Not at all Eeyore. I happen to like you just the way you are.”

Pooh said: “I am sorry Eeyore that being popular didn’t work out. “

 Eeyore:Well wasn’t a complete waste. Atleast I learned to say hello.”

                      THE END


1. DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF TO BE POPULAR: It happens often to try to impress others we start behaving in a different way. Doing so we move away from our own inner self and that just makes us feel even more lonely.When we are true to our own self and do what we ought to do that will automatically attract people with like mindsets to get along. As here Eeyore on taking Tigger’s advice tries to copy him and at the end here we see rather than being popular he was losing his friendship with others .

And as the line goes from the song Be as you are by Mike Posner:

“It doesn’t matter if you become some star

Life is better when you open your heart

You don’t always have to act so hard, no

Just be as you are”

 2. DON’T TRY TO CHANGE OTHERS: As we see here Tigger in order to make Eeyore famous tries to make him do things which Eeyore otherwise wouldn’t do. So rather than trying to change others we can accept as they are as Piglet did.And we can try to change our perspective and look at the world with the other persons perspective.

 3. LEARNING FROM OUR MISTAKE: Rather than feeling guilty for making mistake and blaming ourselves we can try to learn from our mistakes. As we see here Eeyore said he atleast learnt how to say hello and it wasn’t a complete waste.

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