Life hadn’t been very good for Abhyuday since the last 5 years. His once flourishing business had hit rock bottom, the once loving wife had turned into someone he did not know anymore. Praveena his wife was frustrated because of his parents, his career, unfulfilled expectations and what not. The relationship had soured to such an extent that sometimes it did not even need a mistake for Praveena to go bazooka on him. 

His solace though was his daughter, he loved her with all heart. She was what made him believe that if his present was a result of past karma, he must’ve done something good to have her in his life. 

But the past few months had been hell for him. He feared that his wife might move out on him along with the daughter. The thought that he migt lose it all sometimes made him feel like ending his miserable life and he would have. But there still was one glimmer of hope he still latched on to and it was “Swami”.

He had never personally met him but still for some reason he felt like he was an elder brotherly figure for him and he revered him as his Guru. 

What kept Abhyuday alive was his hope and belief that somehow his Swami oversaw him and won’t let anything wrong happen to him and even if for some reason he lost it all and everyone that was dear to him desserted him, atleast his Swami would still accept him with open arms. This thread of hope and belief kept him hanging and Abhyuday lived on trying to make things better . 

I bow my head in reverence to the Guru who can instill such hope, faith and belief without ever meeting him. 

Jai Sri Hari 


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