We don’t always have to understand
the grand plan
to know is to lose
one confusion
only to gain another

This life so wrought with possibilities
is a meandering river
with no set course
that runs past a different mountain
a different sky
into the unknown

In this vast prairie
scoping life and death
inconsequential the existence of the mind
and yet it lurches
as a boat in the ocean
wading through the open seas

I know not what plagues the soul
but surely there’s a disease
it develops in the mind
spreading to the heart
till the sickness
can no longer be disguised

Perhaps it’s the Nature’s design
to turn the outward
by way of chaos
no one looks for answers
if the questions have died

This peculiar quality of the mind
to be a stranger to itself
it bothers me
or maybe it’s a lack
a lack of gratitude
towards the divine

In a moment of contemplation
the other night
a divine revelation
it occurred to me
hope is here
in the form of my Guru

Have I worshipped Him enough
sadly no
walked His teachings
yes and no
taken His wisdom to my heart
I have

If only life were simple
as a sentence in a story
an image in a picture
a window in a wall
for every little victory
there’s imminent failure

And yet I see hope as clearly as the sun
shining at me
for the hopeless
unconditional is His love
tending to the wounded
wailing to be healed…

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