Since i learnt to read that was in class two joining each alphabet of hindi or English to make a sentence, the qotes behind trucks while travelling in my school bus or going with parents out of station to cousin s houses or summer vacation hill stations were a great reading practice session. Here are some common and not so common quoutes on Trucks with English translation with my lovely non hindi readers. If someone of us remembers more of these please add in comments……………..1) Buri nazar waale tera mooh kaala…..bad eyes person your face black. 2)Maa kaa ashirwaad….Mothers blessing………
..3) Blow Horran( self explanatory about bhompoo) 4 ) Use dippper for side……
.5)Hum do humare do( we 2 our 2) 5)maalik ki gaari driver kaa paseenaa…chalti hei road par bankr haseena( owner s vehicle,driver s sweat ,she walks on road dressed as Beauty) 6)Yaadav ji or Aggarwaalji ki garee( all available casts and sub casts llike jaat boys ,gujjar boy ,Panditjee..btw these are also used behind car back screens) 7 ) behind small tempo….Mei barre hokar truck banoogaa * ( i ll grow up to be a big truck ) 8) OK ,BYE ,TATA,.Fir milenge( we ll meet again) 9) savdhani hati halwa poori banti ( as soon as attention goes away ,u ll eat halwaa and poori in my obituary or condolence service) 10)hans mat paglee pyaar ho jaaega ( dont laugh crazy girl or u ll fall in love)………..
11)gul khile gulshan khile aur khile guldaste,petrol bharwaane se pehle aapko humari namaste( rose is blooming to become boquet ,my hello to u before getting petrol filled) 12)kunwara staff ( bachelor staff ) 13) Ye neem kaa per chandan se kam nahi,humara lucknow london se kam nahi ( this neem tree is no less than sandalwood , our lucknow is no less than London) 14)dekh dekh kar jalna nahi, mei kishto pe hoo ( dont be jealous seeing me ,i m on installments) 15 kismat teri daasi hei ,ghar mei mathura kasi hei ( fate is your maid servant , house only is Kaashi and mathura ) 16)samay se pehle kismat se zyada nahi milta ( u dont get before time and more than fate) 17)30 ke phool 80 ki mala…buri nazar waale tera mooh kaala( 30 flowers and 80 beads rosery…EVIL eyed ,your face black) 18 ) keechad mei pair rakhoge tto dhona parega ,driver ki girl friend banogee tto rona parega *( if you put your foot in puddle u ll have to wash it , if u become girl freind of driver u ll have to cry) 19 ) Mitra noo shaunk hathiyaara daa ( friends are fond of weapons) 20 )Dum hei to cross kar varna bardaasht kar ( if you have guts overtake me or tolerate me). These are some of my reading lessons ,u can add yours too!

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