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It has been a more than two months now, that I am back in Dallas. I am eager to learn and get the deeper understanding about spirituality and not just follow it blindly. I am completely immersing in Bhakti, I started reading diverse subjects, learned and absorbed The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, I completed the Kundalini course with Om Swami (Guruji), I started studied Dnyaneshwari, Bhagwad Gita, Mandukya and Sankhya Upanishad, Sri Vidya mantra, Swami Vivekananda’s Karma, Bhakti, Raja, Jnana yoga. Prana yoga and meditation became my routine now. I was absorbing every article or blog about Vedanta or would watch every video at every chance at get. I learned and understood the “Mahāvākyas”, but I am still struggling to experience the Divine in me. There are only 24 hours in the clock, and it is not enough for me. I kept on listening and making notes till 3 am or till I would fall asleep sometimes in the process. Again, get up early morning, continue my study all day long. My intense tapasya was bringing me one step closer to the Divine, every day.

No more bench watching, Netlfix, Prime or HBO show/movies, no drinking, no friends/parties, no more depressing days/nights. No loneliness. I am singing aarti, and bhajans all day long. Reading, meditating, learning and more learning… day and night. Dang! Changes in me are surprisingly drastic now! What happened to me? Who am I? And shockingly, I am loving this!!!

I diligently, started following Guruji’s four pillar rule for Vani, Aachrana, bhav and Maan (words/thoughts, behavior, expressions /feelings and mind):

· Satyabhava (true words/thoughts)

· Nirmal maan (Pure heart)

· Bhojana is yajna (eat food as devotional offering to God)

· Find Deity in All

It was sometimes around mid-February I had an urge to meet the Divine Ma. I was feeling anxious. I knew the Divine ma is watching over me. I was missing her and had a strong desire to meet her.

I wrote a note to her, just simple, one line, “I am waiting for you, when are you going to give me your vision? Yours, Sona”.

Next day morning, Sri Badrika Ashram updated their website announcing Nav Durga Sadhana starting from April 1–11. I received my invitation from her. That was way quicker replay, than I expected. Although, I was more like preferring her appearing intron of me and blessing me (one can always dream big, right?). Going back to India within three months was not the exactly what I asked for.

Word of caution: When you talk/ask the Divine, be as much specific as you can. The divine is very naughty, and will play games with you (I am rolling my eyes here!), The Divine, won’t hesitate to say “Lol, I gotcha!”

I wasn’t sure if I should rush to Ashram so soon, I called Shubs and she said, I should go and follow my call. That’s it! I just needed to hear that. I blocked my tickets, Shubs booked my ashram booking and I was in the plane again heading to Ashram within three months per Guruji’s prophecy!

After 27 plus hours of travel I arrived Delhi at midnight on 31st March. Met a wonderful lady traveling from US to Delhi, we chatted all night at the airport waiting for our morning flight connections. I headed to Chandigarh and she headed Pune for a wedding. Manoj Bhaiya ji was waiting for me at the airport for pick up. I had a lovely drive to Ashram. He told me so many stories about Guruji, ashram and about his life as well. His father wasn’t feeling well and was in the hospital. He had to deliver lunch box to him. I suggested we should go to his home, pick up lunch and deliver to him. He could drop me Ashram later on, there was no rush. We reached his home; his living room was full of so many trophies and prizes. He told me that he used to play cricket, before he joined the army. He showed me his photos with Dhoni and other renowned cricketers. It was very impressive. He is such a humble and kind human without any souring ego. I felt lucky, that he picked me up at the airport.

I am back home!!!

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