I am the laziest of the lot and not 100% true to my Guru. This will be the most truthful of my posts.

It is said that when the disciple is ready Guru appears, but it is the awareness and mindfulness of the student to know what is happening and identify the True Guru. The same is the case with me, have been religious from birth and was afraid of the planetary conditions and their effects on me and my family. Have seen and experienced a lot in my family. Seen dad being a staunch devotee of Hanuman Ji and mom being the simple one just god-fearing.

The upbringing was such that we had been introduced to God and its forms at a different level and yes could find my dad chanting Hanuman Chalisa his whole life and Gita for the last 28 year of his life (Still have the copy of torn Gita and won’t let it go off me). Well, this was me and my family and our religious beliefs.

Had some wrong decision and wrong way of living that shock my faith and devotion for a few years and then came Sai Baba in my life. Faith and patience were introduced to me through his teaching and what more came along with was the reading habit. Till 31 I was experimenting with my life and one thing that was there was a book I was reading a lot. And was searching to grow spiritually and this is when I was in search of literature when I got introduced to Paramhansa Yogananda at Shoolini University where I am working for the last 8 years now and this made me read a lot and explore around talking to people and gurus, Swami’s was searching and then came to the word Kundalini. Was searching for a kindle edition and found a book for 49/- rupees authored by some Om Swami. Now, this is where me and Swami Connected for the first time and I read that book could understand a few and found I do not have the strength to follow the rigorous routine.

So, to share my journey with Swami till now can be some points:

1.      49/- rupee book

How Swami and I connected the rate of the book and the title that I was searching for made me buy that book and the simple language in which it was decoded made me fall in love with the author. I never knew that it was my GURU’s work. I read the whole of it and found that I don’t have the commitment for such kind of dedication to awake my Kundalini and then I forgot about this book and kept on reading other works by other people.

2.      My student talking about a Swami

In was in 2016 when a student of mine who was pursuing his MBA and used to discuss his problem with me called and informed me his father was suffering from Cancer that too third stage and he has left his job and came back to look after his family business in Solan. While for the next 6 months I never heard from him neither could I contact him but one day he visited campus and came to the cabin where he opened up that his father is in peace and wanted to share something about a Swami who came to PGI to meet his father and recited a stotram in the hospital and after that, his father was in peace and had left his mortal body without any pain. This gave me goose pimples and the more he talked about this Swami the more I was interested in listening. He told about the Ashram coming up near Giripul (Near Solan surprise never knew about him)  and how he is providing services to the Ashram and has met him personally. He asked me to meet Swami once in my life and then he left.

3.      Sleepless night to find who this Swami is.

That night I was not able to sleep as every word of my student was audible and the curiosity was not allowing me to sleep. After a lot of turning and twisting I got up at 1 AM and googled about the Ashram and Swami and by 2 AM I was able to find a picture of him holding a black umbrella and the smile was to die for. (I can’t find that picture now if anyone has it please share). I took the screenshot and sent the picture to my student for confirmation and got the confirmation the next morning.

4.      Knowing about the Ashram and literature

After getting the confirmation I searched more about Swami and found the ashram website and the literature that Swami has written. The first article that I read from swami that day was” Naukri ki hai to Narazgi Kaisi” and bang that was the point of concern for me then and changed my way of looking towards my job and work. Found his book and YouTube and ordered the books that day.

5.      Reading the literature and going through the YouTube stuff.

When I received my first lot of literature it was Memoir, kundalini, and Ancient Science of Mantras. Loved wept and questioned. Then came the book titled,” Swami as we know him” By Ismita Tandan, now Sadhvi Vrinda Om. This book was the one that made me believe that Swami is none other than Sai baba himself.

6.      Writing some email to Swami

Out of sheer curiosity, I mailed some 5 emails to the ashram and even asked “Are you Sai Baba incarnated,” I want to meet you and other mails I could not find now but got a very humble revert from Ashram.

7.      Introducing Swami to uncle

Then came the time when I used to talk about Swami to people I know, and in 2017 I shared the book million thoughts with my colleague’s father as he is also a vivid reader. After a few weeks I received a call from my uncle, and he just thanked me for introducing him to Swami and asked me how we can meet him. I told him that we can get in touch with the ashram and named a known person whom I was told can make us meet Swami requested uncle to ask that person. On 2nd Dec 2017, I got a call from my uncle, and he said to be ready tomorrow we are going to meet Swami. (Happy me)

8.      Meeting Scheduled with Swami on 3rd Dec 2017.

It was Sunday and we started at 4 PM from Solan as our meeting was scheduled at 6 PM and reached there on time. Was carrying my DSLR but was told not to click as Swami was not active on social media back then. Waited for other people to meet him and I was carrying Ancient Science of Mantras with me.

A police van came in and six officials came in to meet Swami. They were not on the list, so the list was edited, and I was the second last to meet Swami according to the list. But the person who was last on the list requested if he could go ahead of me and I allowed leaving me and Swami me to meet in the end.  As I entered the room, I do not know what happened and tears were all around. I could not even see him properly and the humbleness just got hold of me he asked why I was carrying that book of his and I simply said I can’t understand a word of it and then the smile can in and with a giggle he said this is the easiest book he has authored.  He blessed that book for me and told me to read a Million thoughts. He asked me if I chant any Mantra and I was so spellbound that could not ask for one there and then. The meeting ended but the tears did not. I waited for them to stop then went on to the temple for the discourse.

9.      Meeting Scheduled with Swami to invite him to Shoolini

The first meeting was enough for me to know that I have found my savior, but the time did not come, and I again approached the ashram for a meeting and this time my uncle accompanied me. I went only to request Swami to visit Shoolini University and have a discourse with our MBA Students. I wanted to get the campus and kids blessed to which Swami guided that a mail from Our Vice-Chancellor was required to fix up his schedule and that could not happen till now as CORONA came in.

10.  Filling up of the initiation form

After the second meeting, I was sure that I have found my GURU and then only the form for initial level initiation was opened and I filled it without consulting anyone at home and told my family after I had sent the mail.

11.  Receiving the confirmation on initiation

I was eagerly waiting for the revert of the application and got a simple and crisp reply. Accepted. My joy knew no boundaries till now, as I knew that Swami accepts one in 500 so lucky me.

12.  Being initiated on 21st Feb 2020.

It was 2020 and I wanted to get initiated as soon as possible and I approached Ashram and was told that Swami is giving a personal audience. Decided to get initiated on Shiv Ratri and visited Ashram on 21st Feb 2020. Cannot tell another thing. Covid came in and 2020 was a roller coaster ride for me and my family.

this is my story about how I found my Savior and how I think I will evolve. It is true Life has not changed drastically but yes something inside me has changed, and that change is for good.

Thank you, Swami.

Sorry If I have hurt someone’s emotions but I cannot call him by any other name.