What do you do when you genuinely wanted to help someone, but the same person attacks you for your attempt? After experiencing that humiliation, would you dare to help someone whom you think could benefit from it? After such an experience, the usual thought would be that from this time onwards, maybe I should simply focus on my work! Is this the right thing to do? Should we look away from those who could benefit from our help?

Because it is also essential to understand that at times our help could be seen as interference in their personal lives. And interfering in other people’s lives is a real issue, at least in India. At every point in your life, you would find people drenching you with their showers of “Gyaan”. And as Swamiji says, people are very touchy in this age. If you tell them a solution that hurts their ego, then chances are you could be attacked. Many times people don’t want to hear the solutions or the truth but need a confirmation to their point of view.

So would you take the risk of helping such people, after all, you too have emotions, and after one point you also could get hurt?

If truth be told, I believe almost all the black lotus community users carry that goodness that they won’t be able to look away from others’ pain and sufferings for a very long time. No matter how bitter might be that one incident but you would again want to help others. Moreover, it is our duty for all the love & grace we receive from Swamiji to be kind in all the circumstances. Being his followers, we represent what he stands for: Truth and Compassion. Okay, I agree we might not shine as bright as our dear master, but even a glow worm can make a dark night beautiful.

A master was explaining his five young disciples the importance of kindness. As a task, he asked each of them to do a kind deed every day.

The next day he asked the first disciple what he did. The disciple replied, “I helped an old lady to cross the road.” Good work said the master. He asked his second disciple. The disciple replied, “Master, I helped the same lady to cross the road.” Master was amused, but maintaining his calm, he asked other disciples. To his utter amazement, they all said the same thing. Confused master asked his disciples, “You all in your 30s, and it took five of you to help a 70-year-old lady to cross the road!” The senior-most disciple (whose name was Mulla Nassurudin😂) replied, “Master, the thing was that that old lady didn’t want to cross the road.”

People, at times, could take our uncalled help as an interference in their personal lives. Therefore, sometimes it is better to “offer” help and leave it to them to decide.


P.S.- All my blabbering (that anyone might find useful) & even the jokes (except the poor modifications 😂), I owe them to my master.