How To Bring Luck At Your Door Steps? 5 Easy Tips

Who does not wish for a little luck in their life?

There is no shortcut to success but talent alone cannot guarantee success. 

We are listing 5 tips to enhance lady luck and fill your home with health, happiness,
and prosperity

1. Giving Daan or donating without expectations

According to Hindu Vedic Culture, giving daan or charity is based on the simple
theory that whatever is given with a pure intention comes back to us manifold. Giving
can be in the form of food, money, knowledge, or land. This is the best way to burn
one’s bad karma and it surely can alter destiny.

2. Performing Vedic Havan along with puja

Our Vedic Rishis used to perform Havans to free the environment from negative
energy and pathogens. Traditional Homa is carried out by burning wood and Havan
samagri in Havan Kund. Smoke thus emitted purifies the environment from bacteria
that cause infectious diseases. So our ancient fire rituals have been very much
approved by modern scientists as a form of nasal drug delivery to cure many
neuropsychiatric disorders.

3. Keeping Crystal Salt In Untouched Corners
Salt helps in maintaining positive energy channeling in any space where it is placed.
It absorbs the negativity and helps to correct the Vastu dosha of home. It is one of
the most cost-effective remedies for peaceful and conflict-free living.

4. Performing Shiva puja or RUDRA ABISEKHAM  every Monday is a sure shot way to
reduce evil karmic influences in one’s life. By offering water to Shiva ling one can
pacify the malefic planets in one’s birth chart and can avoid setbacks in life. Lord
Shiva is considered to be extremely compassionate of all the Hindu gods and easily
grants the wishes of his devotees.

5. Respecting women and ensuring their well-being pleases Goddess Lakshmi,
Without the blessings of Mahalakshmi nothing moves in the world.  To enjoy all the
materialistic benefits, one has to pray to Lakshmiji on Fridays and light ghee lamps in
front of her. Offer naivedya made of Jaggery and Rice to receive her blessings and
enhance money luck.


Remedies should never be done just as a task. Astrology Remedies work the best
when one has a clear intent to do good. Even the thoughts manifest as karma. Being
responsible towards one’s duties, by doing service to people and the community we
live in, performing religious activities, taking care of aging parents enhances  good
karma and thus increases an individual’s luck