Have you ever climbed a mountain? Or have you ever madly chased a dream? The striking similarity in both cases is that just the thought of reaching the destination is so inspiring that we just don’t want to stop. We want to go on with full throttle. With every step forward, we get a great sense of fulfillment that I’m a step closer than yesterday. This fulfillment washes away all the tiredness of today’s labor. It renews our intent and vigor for tomorrow’s work. And then often people around us wonder what is making us so joyous when nothing significant has happened in our life.

But someday, on our way to the top, there could be a snowstorm. It might be so intense that a fear of failure starts to creep in. One might think that all the distance covered until now would be a waste. One instinct could be to fight and overcome it the way you have many times on your way back. Or to call for some help. Many times such approaches could work, but at times these might not. In such times of ravaging storms, my dear friend, sometimes the best option is to wait for it to pass and not give up. Stay low, stay strong but don’t give up on your dream. Surely the unexpected storm could leave some destruction trail, bring up new challenges. It might have taken up some of your time, which was unaccounted in the journey plan. You might have even missed some opportunity while the storm raged. But simply remind yourself that this is just a part of the process. It can’t be all ups, therefore be strong for facing lows. But never for a moment, give up on your dream. Keep reminding yourself of the beauty of the sight from the top.


So if you ask me how to chase a dream?

1) Keep on practicing (even if you don’t like it) until it feels that you were born that way.
2) And then, just don’t give up.

With discipline and persistence, you would be amazed to discover that nothing is beyond your reach.