A group had gathered to learn about spirituality from a renowned speaker, he chose the topic for the day as “ How to live in the present moment” After about half an hour, he saw one of the ladies busy scribbling everything he was saying in her notebook without even looking at him. He asked her, what she was doing?? She replied, I am writing everything so that I can refer to these notes later in life. He smiled and said, and I thought I could easily make people understand the meaning of living in the present.

We click pictures of a place we visited and immediately post it on Instagram, Facebook, while doing so we forget to enjoy the view provided by nature, we don’t live those precious moments, we just want to live later… We bring up our children so that they can become better humans, sometimes hindering their childhood. We forget to cherish those moments in the hope of a better future. We destroy our health in the chase of wealth so that we can live a luxurious bed in the hospital in old age; we hurry through life with the hope that the merits of this life will give us a better afterlife…

Working for a secure future is not wrong, but what about today that will never come back again…It is one thing to talk about living in the present but it takes a lot of awakening to actually live in the moment.

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