Soak Yourself Before Reading 

Have you ever had North Indian dish Chole?
Before one can cook Chole, it is required to be soaked for at least eight hours in water. Generally in Indian homes it is kept in water overnight and is cooked the next day.
Something similar happens with South Indian delicacy like Dosa and Idli. A batter of rice and urad dal (split black lentils) is left overnight for a mild fermentation to happen.
And the waiting period of one night feels worth it when the special dish reaches you the next day.

There surely is something romantic about this waiting period.

If you belong to the Harry Potter generation you will surely understand worth of the wait. Thinking about the book you so much want to read.

In order to read books fast it is very helping if one soaks himself into the information about book/ author one is about to read. I make sure to read the reviews on or other independent blogs and watch about the author on YouTube.
This preliminary research helps a lot if you are going to read a heavy weight book. For example reading a book like The Stand by Stephen King which is almost 1400 pages long might take lot of effort in today’s time, most people skip just by looking at the page count.




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