You know how to start over. You just…do it. No matter how long you’ve been living life a certain way, you always have the opportunity to change things. Easier said than done, though.

Everything in self-improvement is easier said than done. That’s why I talk about it so much. Pretty much every article I write boils down to a few core messages that I hammer on over and over again. That’s okay, though, because I know you only need to get a few things right to change your entire life.

I also know that repetition can work. Sometimes it takes hearing the same message over and over again to finally push you over the edge. So here I am, pushing. If you want to figure out how to start over and mean it this time, I have a few mental angles that might help.

You Must Embrace the Power of Zero as Zero is scary. It’s frustrating. And it seems like it’s going to take you forever to build something new. But you have to get comfortable with zero because it’s the only way through.

Learning how to start over is so difficult because you build up this sense of who you are over time. It starts early and comes from all directions, too. I can remember my parents telling me how I had so much potential when I was a kid. I can also remember how they subtly hinted at the idea that I was lazy and wouldn’t realize that potential.

We live in a world that’s losing hope. Lost souls everywhere you turn. But a soul is only lost when that flame goes out for good. You still have time. You should still have faith.

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