Have you ever tried creating the habit of waking up early? Because this is something I have struggled with. But recently, I figured out the formula to waking up early and happy. No matter how many motivational articles and videos you watch, no matter how much you force yourself, you just can’t get up, and if you do get up early, you aren’t excited. You are extremely tired. Well, today, I will try my level best to help you tackle this problem. 

However, before I begin, I think that it is important for you to know two things before you try getting up early. Firstly, if you don’t get enough sleep, waking up earlier is going to make the problem worse. You need to go to bed early enough that you are not sleep-deprived because this is a serious problem that can cause you to gain weight, not being able to focus, etc. Secondly, some people just function better later in the day, and you might be one of them, so see if waking up early actually works for you. Some people are just able to get better quality work done in the evening and are simply tired in the morning. Now, let’s see why you should wake up early, and how you can be excited when you wake up early, not tired. 

So, I have watched multiple videos, and read multiple articles on how waking up early can help you lose weight, it can make you more muscular, it can even make you more successful. Thus, I decided to wake up early for a month, and see what happened. The first week, I tried getting my school work done. However, I just didn’t feel motivated and like I was doing my best work, because I was already tired, and I didn’t like schoolwork too much in the first place either.

When this wasn’t working out, I decided to go and do some exercise in the morning, for the second week. However, I just didn’t feel like I was doing as well as I did in the afternoon. I was just feeling tired and lazy. Thus, I instead started watching YouTube videos and got distracted. However, what I realised was that I actually didn’t feel tired or lazy while watching YouTube early in the morning. Instead, I felt pretty good. However, I knew that watching YouTube in the morning would probably do more harm than good for me. 

Then, I came to the realisation that if we all do something that we truly enjoy, that can take us ahead in life, whether it’s just taking a walk, or if it’s working on that business, if its something that we enjoy, we will not feel tired and lazy in the morning. Now, for me, this is just taking a simple walk in the morning, meditating, and just getting lost in my thoughts, as I really enjoyed doing these things, and in the morning, it was even better because there was no disturbance and the air was just so fresh while meditating. Therefore, you need to realise what this certain thing is, that you truly enjoy doing. This might not be the biggest thing like working on your business or studying, but just something that is productive, and will help you get ahead in life.