How Would You Like To Spend If You’re Given An Entire Day Off? 

We lead a busy life. And there is practically no time for reflection. We have responsibilities to fulfill, deadlines to meet, engagements to attend, promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep! And we often wish—had I a complete day or two off for myself! Yes, there is Sunday; but Sundays are only a break from work, not from other things. And this is where this question becomes important: if I’m given an entire day to be just the way I want, what would I do with it? 

Whether we do anything or just relax throughout the day, time would still pass. Whether we do something particular or do nothing at all, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how we set the inner ambience right. And that’s true for any given day, not just for off-days. How we are within ourselves—is the most important thing! 

We rarely do something different; and chances are, if we’re given a day off, we’d still do, more or less, the same things; because we live by habits, mechanically. Now, the really important question is: what are the things that are stopping us from being the way we want to be? Is it a lack of me-time? Probably. But I don’t think that’s the real reason. Aren’t we lazy, laid-back and procrastinators? The fact is we lack the energy to change ourselves fundamentally. That’s the real cause. I talked about this aspect in the previous post. You can read it here

But, even if we had that energy, the question still remains—how would we want to be? Relaxed, entertained, involved (in something), peaceful, or meditative? What would give us maximum fulfillment? I think that’s enough food for thought. 

Since I asked the question, here’s my take on it. 

I would like to spend my entire day in a temple, where I can do all kinds of temple activities—doing seva, chanting, doing puja, meditation, practically everything that is required to be done in a temple. I would devote some time to swadhyaya; listening to spiritual discourses; serving everybody who comes to that temple. 

Don’t ask me why. All I can say, that’s what will give me maximum fulfillment. That’s why. 

That’s my wish. What’s yours?…

Thank you.
Image Credit: istockphoto.

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