HRM stands for Human Resource Management which is a management function that helps managers recruit, select, train and develop members for an organization. It is both an academic theory and a business practice. It is based on the notion that employees are firstly human, and secondly should not be treated as a basic business resource. It is also seen as an understanding of the human aspect of a company and its strategic importance.


Features of HRM:


1. Good Industrial Relations :

Human resource management is responsible for keeping a healthy atmosphere in the undertaking and a feeling of cooperation between the owner and concern is developed. It has become a profession these days and this profession includes the necessity of knowledge about the same proper training and a particular bent of mind to serve the service man with friendly sayings.


2. Concerned with manpower:

It is concerned with employees both individually and as a group in attaining goals. It is related to social, emotional and behavior etc. 


3. Continuous process:

It is a continuous and never ending process.


4. Comprehensive function:

It involves all types of people at all levels in organization. It applies to workers, supervisors, officers, managers, and other types of workers.


5. Non – rigidity:

It is a non rigid theory. It changes with time. Its methods are also very flexible. 


6. Covers all the levels:

Personnel management covers all levels i. e lower, middle and top levels of Management and includes all the categories i.e. skilled, unskilled, technical, professional, managerial and clerical.


7. Future oriented:

It helps to look for the right person at the right place for the achievement of organizational goals. Thus, all the planned activities are for the betterment of the future of the organization. 


8. Challenging nature:

Managing men is a challenging job. It is necessary to handle the manpower very consciously. Thus, it is very difficult to create a social system. 


9. Gives total satisfaction:

It gives total satisfaction to manpower. As it tells many ways to solve the problems. Thus, the workers feel satisfied, when problems are not to be lingered on.


10. Combined function:

It is advisory in nature. Human managers don’t trade or manufacture anything. They help to develop a cordial relationship between the management and workers. Thus, the success of an organization can be judged from the relationships of the organization.


According to the Indian Institute of Human Resource Management – ” Human resource management aims to achieve with efficiency and justice, neither of which can be pursued successfully without the other. It seeks to bring together and develop into an effective organization the men and women who make up the organization, enabling each to make his or her own best contribution to its success both as an individual and as a member of a working group. It seeks to provide your terms and conditions of employment and satisfying work for those employed “.


Objectives of HRM:


1. Satisfaction of owners:

It must satisfy the owner by maximizing their economic efficiency.


2. Satisfaction of employees:

It may satisfy the employees by supplying them income, power, prestige, satisfaction or their combination.


3. Job satisfaction:

It aims to increase the job satisfaction of employees by always adopting the methods to encourage him in each and every possible way.


4. To provide a healthy atmosphere:

It ensures reconciliation of individual / group goals with the organization so that the workers feel themselves as an integral part of the organization. It aims to promote a sense of loyalty and sincerity among the workers.


5. To maintain an adequate organizational structure:

The authority, responsibilities, accountability must be clearly defined in each organization. The organizational functions must be divided in a particular manner, so that the organizational goals can be achieved fully. 


6. Development of teamwork attitudes:

The organizational goals can never be developed if there is lack of Cooperation among the personnels. Thus, the feeling of ‘our’ must be more important than ‘I’. Common uniform for all must be there, the common prayer, common calendar must be very popular these days for this purpose.


7. To manage the changes:

Human resource management also helps to look for the changes and then it also tells us the methods to deal with such changes. The changes can be for individual’s own advantage, group’s, organizations for society’s benefits. 


8. Ethics must be maintained:

It also tells us how to follow the necessary ethics, made for the business. Profit motive should not be the sole motive. Ethical behavior is more important.


9. Disciplined atmosphere:

Self discipline should prevail in the organization rather than imposing it on the employees. In this way i.e. by giving sense of belongingness and autonomy to the workers / employees, one can easily achieve its objectives. 


10. To increase efficiency of the personnel:

It aims to give the workers best to the organization. It has to use the resources rationally and for this purpose, it tells how to procure Competent person, at what numbers and proper place. For this purpose, training must also be provided to the workers. Such an atmosphere is a must for organizations to achieve their objectives.


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