Salutations to God, my Gurus and my Elders!

There are 2 voices that speak to us. The voice of the mind/ego and the voice of something called as “soul”. (This remains vague within till one’s mind recognizes it)

Usually a person becomes insensitive to other beings or people around only when he/she is strongly trained or cultured to listen “only” to voice of mind. Science has brought in this era of listening to reason and reason as per science comes from mind. The reasoning mind does not understand the unknown entity called “soul”. Yet personal experiences of each one of us does not allow to deny it’s existence either, leaving the mind confused on how to  deal with voices from the soul.

An average person who is well adjusted in the society, listens to both the voices, albeit by being partial to one. The well adjusted society person listens to the soul voice during solitude and during prayers. Yet the moment all other chatter, the worldly chatter fills up in the head, the soul voice is ignored. It is easy to give in to louder voices of the mind that also feels more natural and even correct.

We are all naturally inclined to be selfish. It is the soul that prods us to think of others. Why – soul senses the connect with every other beings (not necessarily only human). Every pain sensed during solitude is nothing but the cry of the soul. The cry of a soul reaches out to another soul without any naturally known device for tuning in. Thus, even as selfish acts of one human seems legal and okay to that human, the soul understands different. It is able to sense one’s own psychic pain as well as pain of other beings affected by the selfish actions.

The average human being who can hear both voices and is partial to mind voices is able to sense the pain emitting from one’s own soul yet ignores it out of practice. This leads to a frustrated state of existence that does not know peace. To the reasoning mind, the selfish deeds are the solution and the pain or “no peace of mind” has no cause. And so the person does what comes naturally – get over the moment of solitude and self-reflection by engaging in some activity, any activity that can allow ignoring of the pain or help repress it.

“Dhakka” (Hindi word for “unforeseen push”) is a sudden extra large surge of pain that quietens the mind temporarily. This surge although sudden is not truly sudden. It is culmination of the past that catches up finally as a strong inner wailing of the soul.

Typical to human construct, mind makes any and all pain as all about self yet it is usually pain of several persons culminated as a loud wail inside one soul being. And this loud wailing is audible to other souls around. A temporary silence of mind is gained only when “dhakka” happens. Mind being true to itself, bides its time waiting for the the wail to reduce to manageable levels before taking over and soon get on again with normal routine activities.

Listening or heeding to soul in a normal situation can be frustrating for a mind because the solution does not seem visible. Only the pain is sensed. For many, it is easier to give in to mind based action plans and snatch atleast few moments of pleasure.

Yet, when one tunes in to the pain inside (usually during the “dhakka” moments) and gets willing to listen by suspending all chatter of mind, the very act of suspending the mind chatter, diminishes the pain to very large extent. A peace wells up from inside that assuages the pain like magic. Solution doesn’t arrive atleast it doesn’t seem to, yet peace is felt.

In the aftermath of this peace, the actions taken for sometime feels just right and again magically, these actions become solutions. Yet soon the mind takes over control of all actions. It records these solutions for repeating it during every similar situation in future. The peace found is lost, the connect with soul breaks again as the mind takes over with it’s usual natural tendencies.

The mind always “minds” when the soul takes over. It loses power or faces identity crisis when actions evolve from the soul. And human construct is naturally limited to be governed by “own” body and mind chatter. We sense ownership of own body and mind but we don’t sense ownership of soul. Little wonder that we give in easily to bodily calls or “own mind” calls faster than we give in to soul calls. 

If lasting peace is a goal, then there is no better method than continued practice at heeding to the voice of soul and engaging in activities that connect you with world at large. This connect is not the facebook or linkedin kind of connect, it is the connect of one soul with another like the fitting of a jigsaw puzzle in the right place. “Love” is the primary tool for this connection. The more one is able to sense love in everything and every situation, the more our inner peace begins to grow.

Usually we resist being overly sensitive to others person’s needs as our mind frets and worries about the self being manipulated or abused due to lowered defenses. Indeed, that is possible. The mind is concerned with self-preservation and that purpose is also indeed a worthy purpose. Yet the mind is incapable of recognizing the strength of a giving soul. It fails to recognize that a higher power can and will intervene when a devotee is willing to “GIVE ALL” for the soul call. That is the secret recipe of producing miracles consistently.

A popular 90’s era song goes “Free your mind and the rest will follow” I sincerely believe “Free your soul to express and the rest will follow”. Alas! even my soul is still held captive by the mind. Such thoughts as the one penned above provoke me to keep practicing the art of giving without any conditions and hope you also get inspired to do the same. (PS: I secretly think that these thoughts are penning of my soul voice during deep contemplating and attempts to listen to the soul talks).

As I see it, Guru Om Swami’s “Random acts of kindness” (RAKs) is also a calculated method in slowly making the reasoning mind realize that it’s fears are unfounded. The mind can slowly steadily start to believe when it continues to see the miracles that sprout as the various small act of kindness reaches afar. This is a leading method to make the mind accept and own the voice of soul. This is true YOGA or “union” when mind and soul becomes one with zero conflict! And Peace follows.

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