Every religion and institution followed in this world has a few things in common. And one thing which is above everything is humanity. The kindness and your attitude towards dealing in a specific situation are what is called humanity. Looking at a particular situation and dealing with it with kindness and making sure that you do your best not to hurt anyone in the process will make you more humble and more human. Trying to get into the shoes of other people before judging them and before making an opinion about them makes an individual stand apart from the rest of the world. Having a hearing ear that listens to people and tries to understand what they are going through makes him stand strong.

There is a story behind every individual, and people who talk about them usually use the words like hard work, determination, talent, consistency, and so on, but they forget to add in two more things: one divine grace and another how an individual who lets all other grow with him grows. There is always a significant difference between a boss and a leader where the boss is the one who will push you to the wall and make you achieve the targets and then praise himself for the achievements, wherein a leader is the one who will make it sure that he is there with his team and working hard shoulder to shoulder to make the team achieve the target and then silently slip off and make the team or subordinates enjoy the taste of success. That is the only reason for the famous quote of the past to be still going strong, “When we say united we stand divided we fall is the same thing.”