There was a little girl named Sneha whose parents are super rich and have blessed her with all the toys and clothes of all colors and everything for her enjoyment. She is the apple of her parent’s eyes. They make sure that she have all the comforts in life. Have been surrounded by nanny to look after her all day. Since, the parents are rich and running big business and have little or no time to share with their little princess. Not realizing what she is missing she was arrogant and spoiled girl. Never speaks gently with poor people and always make fun of their misery.

As the birthday of the girl was approaching, she was excited to celebrate with family and friends. On the day of her birthday, all arrangements for celebration were made by the servants in home. As the evening approaches, and time for party came while all her friends waiting to cut the cake. But to her dismay, none of her parents came from office and were not with her on her special day and she felt sad to the core and went to the room crying profusely.

And coincidentally a poor friend of her whose fun she makes all the time, came to her room to wish her birthday. On seeing her friend crying she calmly asked her what’s the matter, so you are crying on your special day. She told everything to her friend. Her friend asked Sneha to join us and we will celebrate our birthday together. And then Sneha went to her house and both of them celebrated their birthday together with less pomp and with humbleness with her family members who were there with her on special day.

After that Sneha never made fun of her and had big change in her heart and start respecting all. And they became friends for forever.

So, a humble life is what gives happiness in long run. Because richness, name and fame screw’s the life out of individual and leave a person empty inside. Healthy relationships help makes us happy always and uplift us.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om

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