My title is good enough to confuse anyone about this commitment thing. By the way, I have suddenly realized that I am fairly good with commitments. Best example of this is, that I am writing this post right now just because I have committed that I will post every 2nd and 4th Sunday and I announced the same on my dream platform, Β I know, if I don’t post, it will not make any difference to anyone; but not keeping the commitment was killing inside me. Once, in the ashram, my guru Om swami said, his posts always come on time, no matter what and that we all can see. Those words are pushing me to write. Thank you, swamiji. Yes, this really works. We should make commitments to ourselves. Like, right now, I am feeling motivated and I feel you can also be committed to promises made to yourself.

This is a great trick. Now on wards, I will use it for many other things and activities. Commitment is not only about committing to someone else, you can commit to yourself as well. As you can see, right now I am committed to my work, studies and writing. A few days back, I made the list of what I wish to do, what I am doing presently and what are the important things to do in future. So, finally, I am following the list. I have committed to myself for starting physical activity, which I was not doing at all. I am not saying I am meeting all the commitments, but from 0% I have gone up to 40%. That 40% does make all the difference.

What commitment does to me is to enable me to achieve the goals I set for myself and I am succeeding as well. It requires a lot of will power and you really need to control your mind. I know, it is not easy; one trick could be to announce your goals to your close ones so that they push you towards honouring your commitments. It will really help and I am the living proof.

Keep smiling,

Thank you,

Riya Om