September 2017, while shopping online, I came across the advertisement of the book Kundalini, a national bestseller. My instant reaction was to buy it tout de suite, as the term Kundalini always fascinated me. I read it overnight.

Then it was His autobiography, A Monk’s Memoir, followed by Gayatri Sadhana camp in Feb 2018.  His presence left me flabbergasted, awed, speechless, and overwhelmed.

Life took a sharp turn as it invigorated me. There has been no looking back ever since.

Here, I present to you the translation of the most sacred and important Shastra of Vāstu, “The Vishwakarma Prakash” which would not have been possible without His relentless Divine Grace.

Coming from a Jain background, where we are taught of Anekantvad, (anekant means many and vad means views), made me realise that each of us can have unique perspective of looking at the truth. Your truth can vary from mine. That’s when I was mesmerised with Swamiji’s catchphrase,

“Discover Your Own Truth”

I could connect with Him instantly and in the truest sense.

Sadhanas given by Swamiji have been my true dispeller and I have found a path specially designed for me, which has elevated me above the superficial doctrines of religion and society. I am able to live a purposeful and meaningful life, under the able guidance of my Guru, who has helped me rise above the frivolous thoughts of what is right and wrong, good and bad.

His vast knowledge of Shastras, His simplicity, His truthfulness, His hard work and His generosity, are the factors that magnetized me towards Him.

Today with the help of the Black Lotus app, designed meticulously by Swamiji, I am able to focus on my meditation, chants and random acts of kindness, every single day.

It’s His grace that has helped me compile the book, The Ancient Science of Vastu to its precision, with no hindrances. His guidance has been all-encompassing and perpetual.

I am deeply imbued with every single doctrine of Swamiji, who I feel speaks my mind. As Swamiji always says, ‘my obeisance to the divine in you’ before beginning any meditation or discourse, I would like to quote the same “My Obeisance to the Divine in Him”.

Thankyou, Lord Sri Hari, for gifting me Swamiji as my Guru.


I am Home