I am not a parent neither eligible enough to give any suggestion on parenting. But I am an adult now who was a child once. My childhood was not a happier one, and I generally avoid thinking and discussing it, because I don’t see any point in replaying unpleasant memories of the past in my head. What I am sharing here is only my small suggestion for every parent, however, I know that today’s parents are smarter, well-educated, and much knowledgeable about parenting, in every aspect.

One thing which nobody taught me in my childhood and I learned later in life, was that how to feel important for not anybody else, but for yourself i.e. to think -I am a valuable person.  This feeling of self-worth is extremely essential for overall personality development is a direct product of parental love.  In other words, it is the foundation of self-love and self-discipline.

No doubt, a child is valuable for parents but this feeling that h/s is valuable for himself/herself should be planted in childhood only otherwise it gets difficult to acquire the same in adulthood. If I explain this in other words – when children learned through the love of their parents to feel valuable, it is almost impossible for any adversity to destroy their spirit in adulthood.

Why this understanding of self-worth is extremely important for one’s self-discipline – because when one considers oneself valuable, one will take care of oneself in all ways, which are necessary. When we feel important then we value our time and use it well by disciplining it in a productive manner and the experience of consistent parental love and caring in formative years instills a deep sense of security in children.

IPhoto by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash