In the dead of the night

I lay wide awake

Straining my ears

To catch the sound of Your footsteps

As You could enter stealthily

Into my room any moment

As You entered my heart

Unexpected many years ago.


How? Exactly I can’t remember

Had I opened the doors of my heart

And asked You to enter?

No it wasn’t anything of that sorts

You came on Your own

And took over

My heart, my head and everything else

Slowly, sweetly, gently 

and everything became beautiful thereafter

Tears became joyful

Sorrows much less miserable

Smiles emerged from the heart

And laughter childlike uncontrollable!


I fell in love

I drowned in Your love

My heart flying in bliss

My heart aching in pain

To see You once

To hear You speak

To touch Your Lotus Feet!


When will You come

How long will You make me wait

Have mercy on me, please

Reveal yourself to me

In Your fullest glory

Allow these eyes to behold

The most magnificent sight to see!


Tonight my doors are wide open

I beg You to arrive soon

Or do You like visiting uninvited?

Shall I close the doors then

And pretend to sleep?

And You shall barge in

Like a storm to sweep me off my feet

To take my heart away

And whatever else as mine I keep.


Be it that way then

Be it Your wish

I am waiting

Waiting for Your footsteps…

In the middle of the night

Pretending to sleep…